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Todorov Violins

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Todorov Violins


Hristo Todorov was born in a family of luthiers on September 10th, 1986 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. During his free time, he loved helping with violin making and spending time in nature. In 2007, he entered at the Cremona International Violin making School “Antonio Stradivari”, in Cremona, Italy.

For 5 years, Hristo specialized in the construction of new string instruments. He worked in the workshops of Masters Alessandro Gambarin and Patrizio Orippi where he perfected his handcrafting skills and knowledge in the classical Cremonese method of violin making. Later, while working with Master Luca Maria Gallo, Hristo refined his craftsmanship by cultivating the skill of antique varnishing and knowledge about varying styles in the rich italian violin making. In 2013, collaborating with the American Master Robert Brewer Young, Hristo mastered the “cooking” of oil varnish and its use with fidelity.

After years of research and experimentation, Hristo rediscovered and perfected a method of stabilizing the acoustic material based on 18th century documentation. In all of his work, Hristo does not use any modern measuring devices or electronic systems. He trusts only his mastered craftsmanship’s sensitivity, observations and experience; these personal refinements are rooted in long-established techniques, respecting the classical Italian tradition in its essence and form.

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