Employed materials

Employed materials

Employed materials

Hristo creates instruments with only discriminating acoustic materials, such as Balkanian maple, available through a reserve from the 1990s. As an expert in tone wood, Hristo dedicates time every year to select the best red spruce trees from Trentino, North Italy. He personally oversees the rigorous and meticulous process of cutting and splitting the trees. For optimum results, he leaves the wood to season near the tree’s origin.



Hristo Todorov

Violinmaker in Cremona

Todorov violins:

handmade instruments created using the best materials

Excellent woods

Instruments created with only discriminating acoustic materials, such as Balkanian maple

Handmade unic instruments

Hristo personally develops every model with a framework of understanding about the instrument’s acoustics

Lifetime Support

Handcrafted in respect to constructive methods of the Italian tradition, the instruments have a lifetime support

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